NYC Supertall Towers

Curbed put out a great article which highlighted every ‘supertall’ building in NYC. According to architectural guidelines, a supertall building is over 984 feet tall. There are 22 of them built or in the process of being built, and the article gives a bit of information on each of the buildings. These skyscrapers are often controversial, but they are continuously reinventing this beautiful city’s skyline. If you’d like to read a bit more about these supertall buildings, here is the link to the original article:


Trends in NYC apartment buildings

There’s been an interesting trend in some of  NYC’s newest sky scrapers. Though penthouse units cost the most compared to lower floors, many new buildings are using the top floor or two for shared spaces and amenities instead of privately owned units. From infinity pools to fitness centers and everything in between, the top floor is slowly becoming a place everyone can enjoy. Here is a link to an article from the Real Deal for a more detailed view on this current trend:

Cost of Renting Office Space

The Real Deal put out an article analyzing cities with the highest rent for prime office space. New York City is the most in demand in the country, at $153 on average for a square foot of prime office space. It was interesting to see that Hong Kong was far and away first place worldwide, with office space checking out to be 60% higher than NYC at $255.50 a square foot. San Francisco is the second highest in the US, checking out at 5th worldwide. For a full list with details by city, find the original article here:

Japanese Investors in NYC

Interesting change of pace with Japanese investments in real estate here in NYC. Last year, there was almost no real estate purchases from Japanese real estate companies. However, in the past 12 months, Japanese based real estate companies purchased $1.5 Billion in property in NYC. Much of this is due to the fact that the Japanese market is stronger now than it was in previous decades, but I believe a large part of it is also the strong economic outlook of the commercial real estate market here in NYC. If you’d like to read more about this topic, find the original article here:

Mega Projects in NYC

It seems that everywhere you look in the city there is a new real estate project popping up in NYC. Curbed NY recently put out a guide to the mega-projects that are helping transform this city. From sky scrapers to large residential homes and neighborhoods, this guide will help fill you in on some of the innovative projects our city is experiencing. Find their article here: